The other Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket huge shortcoming of the series is the lack of thickness with thing interactivity. More items need to be interactive(eg you need to be able to lounge in pools just like you can with seats ), and many items should be more striking when used(eg the cannon should produce a genuine cannonball instead of a sad puff of smoke, arcades should have a tiny mini-game attached). This is particularly true of bigger items which take up a lot of space. For how large it is, it is quite annoying that I can not get in the teacup ride.

Been a huge fan of the show because Wild World, place thousands of hours into Wild World and New Leaf each and loved those games.

Seems an important portion of longtime AC lovers feel the same. Sorry if you do not enjoy hearing anything other than a 100% favorable opinion of the match.

I like the game. It's still the default option island and I have seen some folks nuts, I still lack the imagination to do that.

My only other gripes will be villager interactions that feel bogged down compared to previous entrances and some spawn rates for certain bugs/fish are absurd.

It's more information, more dialogue, diverse personalities, more things to do in general than all of the other mainline games. Folks let nostalgia cloud their judgement far too frequently in this particular sub.

I have like 250-300 hours on it. I enjoyed them but I do not have any incentive to enter anymore. The interactions with villagers are bland at most and the decoration thing is Buy Nook Miles Ticket a bit overwhelming. Still I return just like 1-2 times Each Week