It comes from the delicate process, through flexible processing, to enhance the elegant aroma, through the instant high temperature processing to fully bloom the aroma of tobacco, the pure feeling is completely natural. Selected natural flavors, through advanced technology such as extraction, separation, molecular distillation, etc., effectively play the role of high-quality flavors. To achieve a more perfect performance in terms of aroma and taste, making the product smoke, smoke and taste more coordinated. The cigarette packaging adopts the internationally popular slim cigarette packaging style, which is exquisite and simple, with a slim waist and a slender figure. The workmanship is exquisite, and it is hard to feel her presence in the pocket, so it is very easy to carry. The details are exquisite, the 97mm slender design, whether it is a taste or a gift, it is very temperamental. The tobacco leaves are finely processed from the highest quality raw materials Parliament Cigarettes, with classic colors on the outer packaging and three large characters. This cigarette is sold in a pack on the market, and it is quite full to smoke. The smoke is not weak or thick. It is a good spiritual food. It's still more conscious. The smoke is full and light, and the cut tobacco is fully burned, giving off a light aroma. After a few sips Newport 100S, the smoke is mellow, the taste is delicate, the taste is pure, and the strength is moderate. In terms of taste, before crushing and popping the beads, the taste is light and elegant, the smoke is relatively full, the smoke is mellow Cigarettes Online, the fragrance is elegant, the satisfaction is not very strong, but it is very comfortable. After crushing and popping the beads, the mint breath is transparent, the cool flavor is rich, sweet, and the feeling of ice is obvious. It is more suitable for hot summer taste. The fly in the ointment is that cigarettes burn a bit faster. In addition, for smokers who are not accustomed to the taste of mint, after crushing and popping the beads, the mint taste is a bit stronger, which affects the taste of the original tobacco fragrance. After smoking a cigarette, the lingering fragrance of mint still remains in the mouth. It is mellow and cool, and it lasts for a long time. There is indeed an artistic conception of "explosive taste, cool and refreshing". This product uses a touch of green as the background, and the pattern design also uses different shades of green as the main color, and is matched with other colors such as red, blue, and yellow, which not only highlights the main character’s location characteristics, but also color There is more layering and three-dimensional visual effects. The front and back of the cigarette case are designed in three parts as a whole.
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