You must be well-acquainted with citing sources and referencing them. But, do you know what they are or why they're important?

Citations and referencing are vital as they form a part of research papers. In addition, citations help the reader understand the text source in the document. You can take paper help  for your better grade.

Referencing enables the reader to understand the complete information source. We shall discuss the basic difference between a citation and a reference in the following paragraphs.


Are you wondering what a citation is? Or, why is it essential to place them in a research paper? First, a citation is helpful as it points to the information source.

Citation discloses the resources like quotations, statistics, charts and images extracted from external sources within the main body. The MHRA citation generator tool includes citations to help the reader to understand the basic information source.

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A citation involves a quote from another information source within the assignment. Then, you add the reference that contains the complete resource details.

Citations always fall in brackets. In addition, it includes details like the author's last name or the publication year.

The result of the MHRA citation generator tool is –

  1. An in-text (within the text) citation
  2. A reference list or bibliography reference at the close end of the assignment.

The United Kingdom follows two core systems –

  1. The Author-Date system or Harvard system
  2. The British Standard (Numeric) system.


Do you understand the value of referencing? Why do you think it is vital to place references in research work? Referencing provides readers with adequate information to help them locate the cited information.

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Referencing helps the reader to understand the entire source of information.


Referencing either supports or criticizes an argument.   


The reference list contains the complete sources within the assignment or article.


Referencing appears as a final note at the end of the document.


It includes information on the author's name, page number, publication date or title of the book or journal.    


The CMOS Referencing Generator follows a  Harvard style referencing system that includes –


  1. The latest update or publication year
  2. Use nd (or no date) if publication dates are unavailable.
  3. Use the website's name or the organization that owns it if the author's name is unknown.         

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Both citations and referencing play a unique role in a research paper. Readers can understand the source of a text with a CMOS citation generator tool.    

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