Ill gladly NBA 2K21 MT invest some money to acquire the best basketball game on earth, if you believe you can find better move ahead games cost money and that's never changed, should you dont want cover visit the"free to play" section.It's hard to be hopeful after what we have gotten the past few years.

Each COD game released per year is created by a different studio which they"paid" for. Thus the shxtty quantity of microtransactions they induce into their player.2K on the other hand uses the same game then simply add new features by just tweaking some of the codes in the previous game, release it as a $60 game then take it a day.

Does the webpage ever work?

Because 2k is attempting to finesse ppl to spend extra money for a game that's gonna be just like 2k20... I would rather stick wit my elite 2k20 account til next gen with gym and my maxed builds rather than start over at rookie for 4 months and then only begin at novice again on second gen lol. Also maybe if they see their sales are shit they'll fix up (even tho this won't be true cuZ most ppl will still buy it), but unless they do something extreme I'm not paying extra for a match I'll barely even play for a few months after I already have pretty much the Specific same match

The dearth of new interfaces, choices, and construct layout are my qualms. I do not care too much the way the game looks graphically. So many simple things could be inserted and removed to impress me but nope.

They are not releasing any information regarding the other styles. If they're ready, they would've teased them months prior to not two months before the games release.What's the role of calling them out after the games launch anyway? Everyone's attention is going to be concentrated into playing the sport they overpaid for and the Buy NBA 2K Coins anticipation of the next gen 2k21. Here is the only time to call them out.