Here you will find the most general tips & tricks for effective leveling in TBC Classic. Join us in this TBC leveling guide as we take you through both stages and teach you some of the best leveling techniques.

QuestingAs always, there’s more than one method of leveling. Each of them has different requirements, and each of them suits a different kind of player. Questing, however, is one of the most obvious and easy methods to follow if you‘re wondering how to level up fast in WoW TBC. Although it’s not without its own secrets and potential pitfalls to avoid. If you’re playing solo, you should definitely try Burning Crusade quests as your main leveling method.

Work your way through the quest hubs you’ll be encountering in your travels to attain XP. You’ll also get to see a lot of the main story and learn lore this way. So, unless you’re really itching to reach 70, questing will help flash out the game’s universe.

Tied with your progress, quests will be displayed in different colors in your quest log. It is essential to know what these colors mean:

Yellow or Green quests are suited for your level and, therefore, they should be doable solo.

Grey quests are the outdated ones. The quests being grey means that your character is too powerful, and, therefore, there’s no point in doing them.

Red or orange means that you’re not ready to tackle these yet. Trying to complete them is a dangerous waste of time and resources, especially on higher levels when each death takes away a bit of your hard-earned XP.

Dungeon Leveling

Dungeon leveling implies repeatedly running the same dungeon over and over again, which is an optimal leveling method for well-geared players with Classic sets who can easily jump into dungeons and tear them apart. The overall effectiveness of the method depends entirely on how fast your group clears the dungeons.

General Advice

Consumables. Whether you are running dungeons with friends or questing alone, utilizing them properly will cut minutes and hours off your leveling time. Flasks are very important, as they provide strong buffs and their effects persist through death, which is going to happen on a few occasions.

Other consumables provide a situational impact – using a Healing or a Mana Potion at the right time can make a difference between going for another group of mobs or running for 10 minutes back to your corpse. Otherwise, they can be used to efficiently reduce downtime between pulls instead of satting down for a portion of food and water.

Save some gold for a mount. Apprentice Riding and a 60 percent ground speed mount are available for purchase at level 30 and will cost you 42 gold. Improving it to 100% at level 60 will cost 700 gold.

Upon reaching level 70 in Outland, you can take to the skies with an Expert Riding and a first 60% flying speed mount, but this opportunity comes at the price of 900 gold. Final training for the 280% flying speed and the best mount will cost a small fortune of 5200 gold.

Clean up the bag space. Start with improving your default slot from 16 to 20 slots by adding Authenticator to the account. Then get some bigger bags from professions or the Auction House – having more free space is quite beneficial during leveling.

Make use of the bank alts. This little trick helps to save a lot of time, instead of sorting out your bags, just send all the stuff you don’t want in your bags right now to your alt. Mailing is instant between alts, so use it to your advantage.

Plan your breaks and get a rested XP. Classic leveling takes quite some time, and taking time to relax is important for overall endurance. When you take a break from the game make sure to log off inside the inn, or in the resting area to gain some rested experience, which allows you to gain experience at a double rate, and you can accumulate up to 1.5 levels of rested experience at a time.

Now that you are familiar with the basic leveling methods, let’s take a look at the routes you’ll take once you get to the other side of the Portal.


There are some rumors that grinding can be the fastest way to level up a character in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. While grinding can be an effective way of leveling, it really needs to be done the right way.

For example, if you’re a Frost Mage or Protection Paladin, you can use AoE spells and take advantage of big pulls, and get a lot of experience. But unless you know the perfect spot, and it fits your class and spec, we recommend doing questing and dungeons instead.

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