Time is money. In order to get more WOW Classic Gold , you must know the efficient ways to travel to your destination, especially for completing a quest. There may be some ways you can choose. I will discuss in the following.


Professions are great for crafting gear, consumables, and item enhancements to make your character stronger, but they’re also one of the most consistent techniques for actually generating gold. You certainly can create and sell crafted good, but you can also pick up gathering professions and sell the raw materials required for crafting. Other players will always need metal ore, herbs, leather skins, and cloth to level up their own profession skills and make items of their own.

You can have any two primary professions, of which you can view them all here! You should learn them as soon as you can (level five) to maximize gold income. By default, gathering professions like skinning, mining, and herbalism are all used to directly support crafting professions (in this case, leatherworking, blacksmithing, engineering, and alchemy). This means that some profession pairings can be quite odd. If you pick up alchemy, it does not make a lot of sense for you to learn mining or even another crafting profession.

Having two crafting professions at level 60 can be great for boosting your combat power, but they do not work for each other, therefore meaning that your professions are working against each other. Once WoW Classic has enough players around max level, crafting professions do tend to make more gold as demand for max-level profession crafts increase.

However, intentionally limiting yourself from access to raw materials for crafting will reduce your gold income significantly if you don’t have an alt with corresponding gathering professions. You may even find that selling the raw materials you collect can actually net you more gold than trying to craft it into something else, especially within the first few months of launch. It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with gathering professions, but whatever you choose, try to pick two professions that actually work well together!

How to Farm Gold in WOW Classic

This has been the most common strategy to farm gold over the lifespan of World of Warcraft. This can be a long term strategy, however, so if you need gold right away, then you might want to consider some of the other options.

What you want to do is gather up enough gold to purchase both the Shadowfang and Assassin's Blade from the Auction House. These will be flooding the market because of how many people will be playing the game in the early stages of the launch. You can then, hopefully, sell those in a couple of months when the surplus of items has gone down and the demand has gone up. This should net you a pretty tidy profit, but again this is a more long term play.

To go further with this, you can use a couple of addons for the Auction House. Both Auctioneer and Aux will help you figure out what you can purchase that's below market value, and will give you a chance to sell them for a higher price!

When people are grinding out their levels they will be hoping to cut down on the time spent traveling around Azeroth. If you're a Mage, you can charge people some silver to Portal them to their next location! You can do this by sitting in the main hub city (Stormwind for Alliance & Orgrimmar for Horde). You can also conjure stacks of food and drink and sell that to players. Just charge less than what it would cost to purchase it at a vendor!


Fishing is one of the more lucrative professions, and one everyone can get. It's something you'll want to level up, because fish you can catch like Stonescale Eel and Nightfin Snapper sell very well on the Auction House because they are both used by raiders in either potions or for food.

Auction House

Auction house flipping is probably the most popular method of making gold. Flipping on the auction house refers to buying something with the intention of reselling it. It requires fairly minimal effort and yields you fairly significant return. If you get really good at flipping on the auction house, you can easily afford an epic mount and more in no time. Flipping has some of the highest potential for making gold, but it does come with a fairly decent skill floor!

You can easily learn this by understanding the concepts of buying low and selling high, learning what your buyers want, and stocking up on crafting materials to prepare for upcoming phases.

Buying Low and Selling High

On this approach, we are getting into a more complex way of gold making. To follow this path you will need start-up capital, at least 10 gold.

The main idea is quite simple – you buy an item at a lower price than it is worth, and then you sell it for that higher price. Of course, getting an item at a lower price is the tricky part. To do this you will have to watch trade chat and filter WTS messages. Usually, these people want to sell their stuff right away, without waiting on AH. This is where you start negotiating, trying to get the item as low as it is possible, just make sure to always buy lower than you can sell it for. And thus comes the second part – watching the auction house to understand what is worth what, how quick you can sell it and get an idea of demands. If you see an item, and by watching the market you know it is up for less than it should be, buy it without second thoughts or someone will do it for you.

WoW Classic addons for making money

If you want to focus on making money, there are several addons that might prove useful, and the following stand out as being particularly worth considering.


For the gold-conscious player, Auctioneer is an invaluable tool for making sure you maximize your earnings. Not only does it streamline the auction house experience itself, allowing you to easily undercut existing listings, buy at the cheapest rate, and track the market, it also displays the auction price of the items in your bag, allowing you to judge the value of things you pick up while out in the world.

If you have gathering professions, an addon like GatherMate will likely make it much easier to ensure you never miss a herb or a mining node. GatherMate will remember the location of every herb and ore you collect, and display that data on both the mini-map and the world map, to make gathering easier and more efficient.

For those that really want to master the skill of making money in WoW, TradeSkillMaster is the ultimate addon, and incredibly powerful suite of tools covering everything from crafting to auctioning. Being on the complex end of WoW addons, however, it will definitely take some learning for beginners, so it might not be worth diving into unless you really want to collect every copper you can.

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