Managed Router Services is a great way to reduce unexpected conflicts and implementation problems in your workplace. Unattended 24/7/365, the Maintenance Manager reduces investment and maintenance costs and returns expensive maintenance and costly repairs once a month. Our routers are customized to your business needs and are monitored by the Network Operations Center (NOC) to make your devices more efficient and efficient.

Improve Marketing:

Marketing software that promotes communication skills, flexibility and efficiency is maintained by staying in touch with customers.

Verification: Users collect data and evaluate possible changes to certain tools and programs. Our network operations team reviews and implements all performance, improvements and changes

File Repetition:

If you already have an Internet connection over cable, DSL, or any other online service, you can provide a seamless solution to existing operations. In fact, machines can be created with an additional Standby Hot Router Protocol (HSRP) backup set, so backups and backup routers are always backups.

Our customer service decisions include:
• Configuration
Search for a device and select a slot
 Mound Make changes without making mistakes
• ICMP and SNMP activity within five minutes
Automatically configure the backup tool
Good controls and equipment

Jan 24/7 Support The network Monitoring Service quickly transmits the integrity of your site to the Network Operations Center (NOC), enabling you to respond faster.
Important, automatic standby device accessories are available to help meet important operational needs.

The fixed line and fax line are integrated into our activities through the Asset Support Session (SIP).

In the future, there will be a simpler system because all communication services connected to the substrate will need to select a support network before the intervention can take place.