One person can install an inexpensive wrap and hold it in slot place to keep your car from drifting away.So spoiler alert: climate change is real. And we're seeing the impact in more dramatic ways than ever before. For example, Hurricane Ida literally flooded the Gulf States and the Eastern Seaboard.

Massive flooding means a lot of property damage, including damage to vehicles.

Vehicle engineer and victim Rahel Abraham and temporary flood wrapper ClimaGuard, The Drive reported on Sunday. Invented a recyclable and reusable waterproof chassis. after her car was damaged in Hurricane

Harvey That hit the Houston area in 2017, in addition to drying out her car. her goal is To create something that not only prevents flood damage but can also be set up by one person and stop the car from drifting away.The great thing about this system is its simplicity.

ClimaGuard is made from TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. which in terms of use It's like a hybrid between rubber and plastic. flexible like rubber but recyclable like plasticTo install ClimaGuard, you drop it on the ground. drive carefully Then put the two parts of the enclosure together with velcro seams.