I've begun ff14, and so far it seems good. I used to be an avid FF player, but that's changed in the past few years for WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold me. Although I play it every day, I seldom spend too long. I'm still not fully engaged in the game at this point.

The biggest problem I've encountered so far is that it seems I've done a lot of doing nothing but not much else. At present, I'm at level 13 and hoping to have more fun as the levels go up.

The story begins between 20 and 22. Then you get a mount then you go up against your first primal, and gain the title of a rider. The game is pretty good up to the end at 50. The ending will be a bit confusing depending on the patch you are using and your xpac. Although the content is entertaining, it can sometimes be boring. However, the mini games as well as other activities are fun, but you'll have to reach around 30 in order to begin.

That's exactly how I feel too. It's a great option to replace WoW. Kudos to those who are enjoying it. It's not The Other Big MMO, that's why it's not necessarily a reason that every player should be playing it.

My boner got thrown off balance because of this. You're being chased everywhere for seemingly insignificant reasons. tele here, one line of text, now come back to where were. Repeat for 35 levels. It is difficult to sell due to the poor combat. Take this slop with a clean-up of the combat, and you have an absolute WOW-killer.

The funny thing is that they have tidied the place up a bit, they did away with some of the base game sludge. Personally, I'm not bothered by playing it at all, and played it quite a lot, but I don't have time to be a rogue with my friends anymore.

Teleporting around the map was likely longer-lasting than fighting between 1-50. It's not like the story isn't good However, clicking on the quest's map and hitting teleport will do nothing. There were certain quests in earlier WoW which required players to travel back and forward across the map. But can you picture the whole story of WoW taking you from stranglehorn to the south shore every level for 50? And all while having cheap WOW TBC Gold two buttons to hit on an enormous gcd, when you finally are in combat.