Ahead of playing with the roster overflowing with All-Stars, Durant was asked what his current dream team would look like -and he did not disappoint NBA 2K MT. Durant Gives His Fantasy Starting Lineup. The news broke earlier this week that Durant appears on the cover for NBA 2K 22.

As he helped promote the video game, Durant was confronted with a question that yields a headline-grabbing answer: If he was to form one of the teams in the game, which NBA players are in Durant's first-choice lineup? Durant made the comment in an interview posted on Twitter by @boardroom. "There's many great players."

Durant always picked his team. They're currently in an opportunity to win a championship in Brooklyn and K.D. K.D. is smart enough to not interfere with their already-established chemistry. So it's not surprising that he picked James Harden and Kyrie Irving, who, despite Durant's bias, are definitely worthy candidates with 16 All-Star Game selections between the two of them.

From this point, things got interesting. Durant admitted, "Off the top," Durant continued, adding "LeBron, James, myself," Durant continued. This means that Durant's dream squad now comprises all Nets and Lakers. These choices aren't easy to argue with, but Steph Curry Durant's former Warriors teammate was the biggest disappointment for him Buy NBA 2K22 MT. She was a champion twice with him in 2017-2018. Durant declared that he'd never ignore someone.