PU fabric is a kind of artificial leather fabric, which is synthesized by a kind of artificial material. It has the texture of real leather, good physical properties, resistance to tortuosity, softness, high tensile strength, breathability, and low price.

PU is an artificial synthetic material, with the texture of genuine leather, very strong and durable, it is different from artificial leather. PU synthetic leather is used to replace PVC artificial leather, and the price is higher than that of PVC artificial leather. In terms of chemical structure, PU is closer to leather fabrics. It does not use plasticizers to achieve softness, so it will not become hard or brittle. At the same time, it has the advantages of rich colors and a variety of patterns, and the price is cheaper than leather fabrics. Consumers’ welcome.

Now garment manufacturers widely use this material to produce garments, commonly known as imitation leather garments. The manufacturing process is more complicated. Because the PU base fabric is a canvas PU material with good tensile strength, in addition to being coated on the base fabric, the base fabric can also be included in the middle, so that the base fabric cannot be viewed outside. exist.

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