Professions always play a vital role in World of Warcraft. But in TBC, the increased importance of crafting powerful gear amplifies their significance. All of the major crafting professions will provide value to at least one class or specialization. Here are some of the biggest reasons for using each profession to help you make more WOW Gold Classic


Jewelcrafting is primarily a money-making class. There are specific gems in TBC that only jewelcrafters can use, but they're only slightly better than what everyone else can use.

The profession also has appeal to PvPers because of the Shadowsong Panther trinket that both increases stealth detection and can be used to give a huge boost in attack power.

The trinket is considered to be one of the best available for Rogues, who are among the top classes in arenas.

Leatherworking & Tailoring

If you love crafting items that sell for heaps of gold on the auction house you'll definitely want to pick up Leatherworking in TBC Classic Phase 1. That's because there are more than two dozen Leatherworking recipes in this expansion that let you craft blue BoE gear, most of which come from various faction reputations. The easiest way to grind reputation with most of these factions is to run as many dungeons as possible. Ideally, you'll want to start working your way towards that goal as you're leveling up.

Coincidentally, there is a wide variety of Tailoring recipes for BoE Rare and Epic items that have a chance of dropping from dungeon mobs and bosses. Since you're running lots of dungeons anyway to get the rep needed to unlock the aforementioned patterns, you might as well also learn Tailoring just in case one of those rare recipes drops. You will need some luck to get your hands on them of course, but if you do, you'll be able to sell the crafted items for heaps of gold in Phase 1. If you don't like relying on RNG, however, you can go the traditional route and pair Leatherworking with Skinning.


Engineering is one of my absolute favorite professions. It has a ton of fun and valuable items, and it captures the fantasy of being an engineer. Engineering is one of the more unique professions in TBC classic. It uses metal bars to create parts, and you can use the parts to create useful inventions. Engineers are also able to make ranged weapons.

These are strong when it comes to training once you reach outland, and your master trainer will be at your faction's first questing area in Hellfire Peninsula. Keep in mind that as a complimentary gathering profession, most engineers will choose Mining due to the high number of metal bars and a lot of gems required to reach the cap. Otherwise, you should purchase all materials to level up.

Engineering can get really costly. Considering that Engineering is going to be sharing these same materials with Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and all classic TBC classes can benefit from Engineering regardless of spec, so any class could learn it especially given the addition of those Epic Helms in TBC, which is very powerful.

Flying mounts will be added in TBC. Engineers can actually create their own flying machines. Both flying machine control and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine control are recipes learned from trainers, so that's also another added benefit if you want a unique flying mount. Keep in mind that if you want to quickly find out the Engineering trainer, Goblin Engineer can do this easily.


Jewelcrafting best pairs with Mining, which allows you to prospect ore for your materials.

TBC will introduce a new profession and will bring some new systems - Jewelcrafting, which will provide powerful rewards and gem slots. In addition to improving your gear, Jewelcrafting can also create powerful rings, necklaces, trinkets and other gear.


Tailoring focuses on crafting light armor items, using clothes that you found on Humanoids similar to First Aid to create different bags and different cloth gear because Tailoring is able to make gear for any spec. It's an appropriate profession for any cloth wearer.

It's most often leveled alongside Enchanting because it doesn't need a gathering profession for PvE maximizing DPS. Leatherworking is the best for Drums. I would definitely consider Tailoring because of the powerful gear that you can actually use for some of these classes. Some of this powerful gear includes Mantle of Nimble Thought, Hands of Eternal Light, and spell threat enchantments, so once you reach skill level 350, you can head on over to Shattrath city and begin your specialization quest.

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