Sale includes classic polos from fashion's top designers

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The menswear classic began its reign as a wardrobe staple in the late 19th century when polo players tried improvised with buttons and tacks to prevent the collars of their shirts from flapping in the wind as they rode.

Although there’s some debate over who’s the true “inventor” of the polo shirt, there’s one man who undoubtedly put the style on the map: French tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste.Nicknamed the crocodile for his agility and speed, Lacoste became a trendsetter at the 1926 US Open when he wore his short-sleeved polo emblazoned with his signature crocodile logo. The innovative take on the classic tennis whites eventually spawned Lacoste’s own fashion line in 1933, and catapulted the polo shirt beyond the sporting world and into public vernacular.

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