Because of their race, when your character declares themselves for (Faction #9324) with the quest Allegiance to the Scryers, your character will begin with the following reputation:

Because of this slight disadvantage, they only need to gain 275 reputation to catch up with the rest of the races. In comparison to other races, the 3000 WOW gold advantage Blood Elves have is a much bigger deal.



There are two ways to earn respect from The Scryers: by completing quests and by completing one of three repeatable turn-in quests. Every time you turn in one of these, you will receive a certain number of reputation points. There are two versions of the repeatable turn-in quests -- one that requires you to turn in one item and another that requires you to turn in ten items. This is only for the convenience of the customer; there is no incentive for turning in multiple items at the same time, and doing so may increase the price even further. Additionally, you can purchase a WoW Classic gold license to enjoy the game.

This chart lists the initial quest, the repeatable turn-in quests that are opened as a result of completing it, the rep level at which the quest becomes unavailable, and the character level required to complete the initial quest.

The initial quest Voren'thal's Visions and then one followup quest More Basilisk Eyes are all that are required for Draenei to transition from Unfriendly to Neutral. Upon the first submission, you will be 25 points away from Neutral, and the second submission will place you at Neutral (225/3000), after which this quest will no longer be available.

We strongly advise you to save all Sunfury Signet and Arcane Tome turn-ins until after you've achieved Honored status with Firewing Signet turn-ins before continuing. It's probably best to hold off on doing the quests until after you've achieved Honored.
What number of items will I require?
Although there isn't a definitive answer, these players are starting to feel the pressure of obtaining enough WoW Classic Gold to purchase their first mount. A variety of factors influence this, including how many Scryers quests you complete and what combinations of turn-ins you are able to obtain from your farming efforts.

To advance from Neutral to Honored, you must earn a total of 9,000 reputation points. To accomplish this, a total of 360 Firewing Signets (36 10-item turn-ins) will be required. You can start working on it even before you reach the required level to participate in the Scryers reputation quests -- in fact, you should hold off on participating in quests until you have earned the honor of the Scryers.

To progress from Honored to Exalted, you must accumulate a total of 33,000 reputation points. In order to progress from Honored to Exalted without completing any of the Scryers quests, you would need a combination of a maximum of 1,320 TBC gold Sunfury Signet (132 10-item turn-ins) OR a maximum of 95 (94.2) Arcane Tomes to reach the Exalted rank. However, because they are farmed in many of the same locations, it is likely that you will be doing a combination of them.

Complete all Scryer quests for a total of 7,250 TBC gold, which is equivalent to 290 Signets or 21 Arcane Tomes that you do not have to collect. It is absolutely worthwhile to complete the quests.

(Humans receive a 10% bonus to their rep gains through Diplomacy, so their numbers will be lower than those of other races.)