Despite the fact that the Madden 21 game was released months ago and that the NFL season concluded in February, the Madden 21 Fan Appreciation program continues to demonstrate its appreciation for everyone who plays it. They launched the Fan Appreciation initiative a week ago, with gamers able to log into Ultimate Team and participate in specific tasks to show their appreciation.

Completing the challenges results in a variety of incentives, including Madden Coins and player cards, at various points along the process. It is now possible to participate in Week 2 of the promotion, which allows players to get to the prize tier where they can select a 99 OVR Nat Golden Ticket player.

Week 2 of the Madden 21 Fan Appreciation Challenges is now available.

Because of the release of today's Madden 21 Fan Appreciation challenges, fans can now earn a total of 120 stars for their participation. Week 2 contains a total of 20 new tasks, which are worth a total of 9,300 Madden Coins and 72 Stars in total. In addition to the Halloween and Thanksgiving promotions, these challenges are a homage to previous programs offered during Ultimate Team season.

Once 120 stars have been earned, players will be able to choose from one of 18 NAT Golden Ticket athletes. Unfortunately, it will only be available to the first 18 participants who sign up. It is possible that additional GT players will be added, but they will not be included in the Fan Appreciation award bundle.

The DK Metcalf 99 OVR Golden Ticket is one of the highlight cards that many gamers may be interested in obtaining. In addition to having 99 zone and man coverage, this card also has 98 speed, 95 awareness, and 95 play recognition among its many other impressive traits. In addition to Tebow, other GT players available include Cowboys halfback Ezekiel Elliott, Titans wide out A.J. Brown, and Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, who will play cornerback.

The complete list of Golden Ticket Players may be seen here, thanks to the MUTHEAD data repository.

The good news is that, unlike some of the other Madden Ultimate Team offers, the Fan Appreciation campaign will be active indefinitely. Because of this, there is no pressure to complete tasks by a specific day or time in order to obtain the 99 GT player.

In addition, new packs have been introduced to the Ultimate Team Store.

New packs are also available in the Madden 21 Ultimate Team Store as part of the Madden 21 Fan Appreciation program. M21 Fan Appreciation packets are available for purchase at a cost of 75,000 Madden Coins or 500 Madden Points each pack. Another option is the 5X Appreciation Bundle, which has five packets and costs 2,200 Points.

So, what exactly is contained within the packs? Each one contains one NFL Draft player with an OVR of 89 or higher, one Ultimate Legends player with an OVR of 87 or better, one Elite player with an OVR of 86 or better, and two 72 OVR Gold (or better) players. As a result, there are virtually no restrictions on the types of random player goods that could appear.

Customers are only permitted to purchase a total of five single packs for 75,000 Coins or 500 Points, according to the store's listing. As of this writing, there is also a restriction of two Fan Appreciation Bundles per client for the Fan Appreciation Bundle.

A new campaign in Madden Ultimate Team, the Madden 21 Fan Appreciation program, has been launched this week. It joins other recent MUT projects, such as Ultimate Legends and the 2021 NFL Draft, in expanding the MUT universe.