For bearings, basically, as long as the history of human industry is, it is as long as it is. The bearing is actually a component that fixes and reduces the friction coefficient of the load during the mechanical transmission process. The functions of all automotive bearings are actually the same, fixing, supporting, preventing axial rotation and so on.

Rolling bearings are very common in automobiles. In automobiles, the most frequently used ball bearings are ball bearings, also called ball bearings. Ball bearings have low rotational frictional resistance. At the same speed, the temperature due to friction will be relatively low. For example, self-aligning ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, and thrust spherical roller bearings are all ball bearings. The sliding bearing has a simple structure but reliable performance. Sliding bearing A bearing that works under sliding friction. The sliding bearing works smoothly, reliably and without noise.

The bearings on the car can be roughly divided into three parts: the powertrain part, the transmission system part, and the other parts.

In the powertrain part, parts such as the engine and clutch are important. The most common crankshaft bearings and connecting rod bearings are all sliding shafts.

The current structure of the hub bearing is usually a split two-disk radial thrust roller bearing. Its main function is to bear the weight and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of the hub. It bears both axial and radial loads, and is a very important component. . Traditional automobile wheel bearings are composed of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings.

Other parts, such as the air-conditioning compressor combined bearing in the engine compartment, the steering gear in the steering system of the vehicle to the gear shift in the transmission system, most of which are rolling bearings and sliding bearings. As a part of a bearing, although it is small in size, it is very useful. A wide variety of bearing parts play a huge role in cars.

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