The scenery of the city needs the setting off of the building, and the agility of the building needs the decoration of the elevator. WEBSTAR observation elevators adopts advanced elevator technology and processing technology as well as international design concepts to present you with elegant and fashionable classic masterpieces that have attracted much attention, making your buildings a dazzling focus in urban architecture.

Exquisite and smart design

Funk Elevator integrates advanced technology and design concepts, presents a variety of different styles, elegant and beautiful decoration designs, and brings beautiful visual enjoyment.

High performance control function

Simple diagnosis, convenient parameter setting and modification, advanced intelligent digital frequency conversion technology, precise control of the running speed of the traction machine, effectively reducing the amplitude of elevator vibration.

Car customization service

Funke Elevator will carefully design and manufacture according to the architectural style and the characteristics of the hoistway, according to customer needs, and provide customers with observation elevators that are highly compatible with the appearance of the building.

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