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How does it work?

The male genital system requires extracts like l-Arginine, Muira Puama, and L-lysine. They speed up the method of sperm creation and improve your erection.

These extracts help to:

Increase vesicle fluid

Increase prostate fluid

Enhance seminal plasma generation

Reinforce the quantity of liquid within the Cowper's gland

Studies published on the official site have proven that Semenax increases semen volume naturally by making the body produce more semen.

What is this formula?

The formula is patented and includes a variety of natural ingredients, which you'll examine here. it's also important to notice that Semenax uses an equivalent pharmaceutical ingredients that are utilized in the products that are sold within the largest online supermarkets which suits all cGMP requirements.

Why trust Semenax?

  1. the merchandise is manufactured by well-known Canadian drug company vanguard Health, which has been present on the marketplace for over 15 years.
  2. the corporate has published marketing research results, certificates, and other important medical documentation that distinguish a licensed and tested product from various fakes.
  3. After researching various studies on, i noticed that certain extracts actually stimulate sperm production. So, I wondered: is that this real? Might it work?
  4. so as to ascertain if the Semenax supplement really worked, I visited forums, and that i read various discussions on sites like Quora and Reddit. I visited where real men solve their sexual problems and share real results.

Efficiency, my routine for the results

So, I started taking Semenax pills. However, I also read that the approach to sperm volume enhancement should be complex. it isn't enough just to require semen volume supplements and still lead the life-style that led me to the present problem.

It seems that so as to feel sexually healthy, I needed to try to to the following:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat properly
  3. Follow a particular diet and eat certain foods that contain zinc and protein
  4. affect my stress, which may be a problem for. Moreover, my stress is exclusively associated with work and therefore the problems that I even have to unravel a day .

Semenax routine and results

I was confident within the quality and natural composition of the Semenax supplement. The manufacturer offers a 67-day warranty from the date of purchase.

I took one pill within the morning and one within the evening, tried to prevent my bad habits, and began running within the morning. this is often the utmost that I could consider in terms of sports. I even have a gorgeous green park round the house and jogging – even in weather – didn't bother me.

So, after the primary month of taking the Semenax pills, I noticed that my orgasms had become more intense.

I started comparing the new semen volume and therefore the old one, and therefore the changes were obvious.

During the second month, my confidence increased. I had already significantly improved, and my girlfriend noted the very fact that I seemed more confident in bed.

Every month the result got better, but there was no instant effect. Since the merchandise is natural, everything happens gradually.

After 7 months, i used to be ready to achieve a sperm increase dramatically.

But I read that so as to consolidate the results, I definitely needed to vary my lifestyle and take away bad habits like nutriment , alcohol, and smoking. All of those behaviors prevented me from establishing the sex life I wanted.

How it worked

Surely you would like to know how this will work for you. You already know that some herbal supplements increase sperm count. But what does that mean for you? Will you succeed?

You have to understand the reality about Semenax’s effectiveness and compare the knowledge about this product from different sources. is that the first website you ought to visit to urge the official facts before you purchase the supplement.

What to understand before you are trying it:

  1. Semenax’s formula contains herbal extracts that stimulate sperm production.
  2. L- carnitine fundamentally increases the amount of highly motile sperm.
  3. L- arginine improves sperm count, and during this formula, it increases the semen by 3-5 times because it contains several other active ingredients.
  4. Semen volume is additionally influenced by the Swedish pollen contained within the formula.
  5. Ingredients like Epimedium Saggitatum increase the assembly of testosterone, which is liable for erection hardness, sexual stamina, and sperm count.

As you'll see, Semenax works by activating sperm motility to enhance the standard and quantity of sperm production. As a results of taking Semenax, you'll normalize your sexual function and sperm production.

A healthy sexual life helps men to ejaculate quite people that suffer from chronic diseases, obesity, lack of normal activity, bad habits, and constant stress.

If you think that that you simply only got to take Semenax, which is actually rich in nutrients and vitamins, to extend your semen volume permanently, then you're wrong.

Your erection, sexual stamina, and libido depend directly on the testosterone levels within the blood. there's no way you'll deny that. this suggests that your sexual power is inherent in what you are doing a day and the way you are doing it, including your work, sleep, rest, physical activity, nutrition, and habits.

I'm talking about bad habits, first of all. If you would like to enhance your sexual health and sperm volume, you would like to try to to the following:

  1. stick with proper nutrition. Eat foods rich in protein, iron, and carbohydrates.
  2. Be physically active a minimum of a few of times every week . It are often jogging, gym classes, any sport, or maybe morning exercises for a minimum of 30-40 minutes.
  3. concentrate to your bad habits. If you would like to extend your sperm count, you want to not smoke, drink alcohol or sugary drinks, or eat nutriment .
  4. Regular rest is that the key to your sexual health. This usually suffers most from various stresses and overloads at work or within the family.

You must understand that your lifestyle is totally liable for your sexual health. Testosterone levels in men decrease with age, which is why it's important to take care of it with regular supplements like Semenax. The active ingredients during this formula not only enhance sperm production, but they also support your erection, strengthen your sexual stamina, and enhance your libido.

By solving your sexual problems associated with the low sperm count, it seems that you simply also can strengthen your erection and fertility and achieve a fantastic ejaculation.

How to improve your results?

Of course, Semenax is that the main stimulant for sperm production, but if you stop taking pills and still lead an unhealthy lifestyle, you'll quickly lose your results.

On the opposite hand, men who consolidate the result they’ve obtained through the regular use of Semenax mention their success and therefore the duration of the results.

Semenax FAQ

For the past 5 years, I suffered from a coffee sperm count. Moreover, I didn't notice it for an extended time. Nevertheless, over the years, my sperm count became low. I don't know if this was thanks to some quite genetic changes, loss of testosterone, or a problematic lifestyle.

I originally purchased a 6-month subscription to Semenax, as i assumed that it might be enough. I got able to work on my health also . I signed up for a gym and decided to offer up alcohol and reduce by any means.

My Semenax routine started

I began to require 2 tablets daily - one within the morning after meals and therefore the second within the evening right before bed. i used to be wanting to see the primary result, while i used to be scared of possible side effects. But I continued to require it regularly!

I was not guided by these results, but i used to be sure that some positive changes were occurring in my sexual life needless to say .

My first improvements

I will start by saying that I didn't notice any side effects. I had no allergies to any of the components. generally , taking Semenax tablets was like taking vitamins. At an equivalent time, the effect became noticeable after a month.

My sperm visibly increased during ejaculation. monthly the results got better. within the end, my sperm increased several times. Moreover, the effect itself was very gradual; there was no sharp surge. It felt like i used to be training my body for sperm production.

So, I even have taken the complete Semenax course so far . this is often a full 12 months of taking the pills, and therefore the result was simply stunning.

Motivation, results, and therefore the routine

I moved toward my goal for quite while , but i actually began to feel the consequences within the first months. it had been cumulative, but the dynamics always pleased and inspired me. If you're worried that you simply might take the pills for an extended time and still not see the consequences , I’ll tell you that once you see how the quantity of your sperm increases, you’ll want to continue taking the pills.

Of course, you would like to ascertain the utmost results, and people aren’t almost increasing your sperm count. within the end, it’s about the standard of your sex life.

Your main goal is to receive constant satisfaction from your sexual abilities, from the method of ejaculation, which becomes for much longer with Semenax. It's all about having confidence in your sexuality and dominance in sex. All of this is often the very pleasure that every folks strives for.

Everyone wants to reinforce their pleasure , achieve their girl's desire, and obtain a permanent partner who are going to be pleased with them. Sounds good, right?

How to order Semenax pills?

You can buy the pills from the official site. There are tons of benefits:

67-day a refund guarantee

Free shipping on certain orders

100% original natural product from the manufacturer

The lowest price possible + free bonuses

24/7 customer support

Why is it important to require Semenax daily?


We get depressed sometimes if we cannot excite and satisfy a woman in bed. She wants to admire you as a devotee . She wants to understand that she made the proper choice when she decided to possess sex with you. does one want to become her ideal man in bed? Well, follow the recommendation here, and you’ll succeed with Semenax.


If you would like to take care of the status of an honest lover, you would like to attend to your sexual health and increase your semen volume, which is feasible with Semenax.

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Semenax is that the flagship performance enhancement supplement from vanguard Health that has been around for overflow a decade and has produced long standing results for men of all ages who are looking to extend load size and impressive money shots. Found exclusively at, the Semenax male climax intensity pills are an all natural solution for men’s healthy volume and production performance that gives greater pleasure for any man.


After men cross the age of 40, their libido starts to diminish at quite rapid pace, such a lot in order that by the time most men reach the age of 60, their natural testosterone production ability reduces by a whopping 85%. This not only results in frustration but also can end in the fostering of feelings like low self-worth, poor esteem, depression.


Not only that, but poor men’s bodily health also can have an immediate impact on one’s physical capabilities. for instance , when there's a scarcity of testosterone within the body, individuals start to witness a tangible decrease in their innate stamina levels, muscle mass building capacity, focus, mental clarity, etc.


In this regard, Semenax is an all-new supplement that's designed to assist maximize one’s bedroom performance abilities. because the name suggests, the merchandise comes replete with variety of potent aphrodisiacs that are designed to maximise the assembly of semen within the user’s body thereby allowing variety of tangible sensual also as physical benefits.


A Closer check out Semenax


Semenax may be a male wellness offering that has been designed to assist tackle an entire host of intimate performance issues that a lot of men face on a daily basis. because of its natural formula, it's ready to deliver efficacious results within a couple of days of use. Not only that, the very fact that each one of the active ingredients that are added to the combination are derived herbally, but this best performance enhancement supplement also can be used for prolonged periods with none risk of side-effects.


When taken on a daily basis, Semenax has the power to deliver variety of advantages , such as:


(i) Enhanced Semen Production: because of the herbal ingredients that are added to the offering, Semenax is in a position to assist maximize the assembly of semen within the user’s body. Not only that, but prescribed intake also can increase the sperm creation rate within the testicles (as well as increase the user’s total ejaculation volume).

(ii) Longer Lasting Orgasms: A core facet of this supplement is its ability to assist arouse users for long periods of your time that too during a totally natural manner. Unlike sildenafil (i.e., viagra) that chemically alters the human systema nervosum to deliver its erotic benefits, Semenax only contains naturally obtained aphrodisiacs that help maximize the flow of blood and other vital nutrients to one’s vital reproductive organs.

(iii) Enhanced Pleasure: consistent with the official product website, the active ingredients within the supplement not only leave prolonged carnal excitement but also help users enhance their innate pleasure capacities.

(iv) future Usability: Unlike variety of chemically devised intimate wellness products that start to induce an entire host of unpleasant side effects in one’s body after just a couple of months of use, Semenax is completely natural also as non-habit forming. What this suggests is that users can consume the supplement for years on end without witnessing any adverse effects on their systems.

So How Exactly does Semenax work?


A quick check out the product’s official specifications online shows us that Semenax has been devised employing a total of seventeen all-natural ingredients that are clinically validated for his or her potency and are found to maximise one’s performance abilities. consistent with the manufacturer, each of the added agents works to maximise the operational capacity of our internal organs, thereby allowing users to supply and ejaculate more semen.


From a biological standpoint, we will see that Semenax helps force the penile muscles to contract harder and thus stay hard for extended periods of your time . This not only leads to better orgasms but also maximizes the pleasure ratio for both partners.


Other reasons why Semenax is worth considering include:


Each bottle of the supplement comes with a 1 month supply, with the daily recommended dose being four capsules.

Not only does the merchandise deliver efficacious short term results, but it also helps reconfigure our erotic arousal responses in order that users can enjoy future benefits also .

As mentioned in an earlier section, the formula contained in Semenax is completely natural and thus are often used for long periods of your time without the occurrence of any unpleasant side effects.

Each bottle of the supplement comes with a full moneyback guarantee just in case users aren't entirely satisfied with the merchandise or the results delivered by it.

What Does Semenax Contain?


Any natural health supplement for men who want to extend busts and produce more substance need to acknowledge the ingredients within the formula as they're the herbal catalysts that are what make the magic happen when taking Semenax. Here may be a look over all of the Semenax volume pill ingredients to ascertain why they they work to assist men get healthier and increased sperm counts.


Swedish Pollen Flower


This natural flower extract has been clinically shown to not only reduce inflammation in one’s body but also maximizes the operational capacity of the prostate primarily by removing any harmful cholesterol accumulations in our bodies also as lessening plasma lipid levels. Not only that, but Swedish Pollen Flower also has the power to enhance its user’s mood levels during a totally natural manner.


L-Arginine HCL


This important aminoalkanoic acid helps increase the assembly of gas in one’s body. When NO is present in abundant quantities in our system, the flow of blood is additionally maintained at a high level, thereby allowing fuller, thicker, and longer-lasting blood-filled arousal stage.




Muck like Arginine, Lysine, too, is a crucial aminoalkanoic acid that has been scientifically shown to scale back the assembly rate of a plaque-forming protein called lipoprotein-a (LPA) in our bodies. Not only that, but Lysine is additionally known to market blood flow to one’s shaft also as reduce anxiety.


Epimedium Leaf


Commonly mentioned as Horny Goat Weed in many Asiatic countries, Epimedium Leaf may be a highly potent aphrodisiac that contains high levels of Icariin, a lively agent that promotes the flow of blood to a man’s dipstick.


Zinc Oxide


When taken in controlled doses, flowers of zinc has been shown to extend one’s testosterone levels during a totally natural fashion. Not only that, but this potent compound also helps improve one’s psychological state by releasing dopamine, endorphins into the user’s bloodstream. Lastly, flowers of zinc also helps heighten the general pleasure ratio for both men and ladies at the time of orgasm.




This protein derivative is usually utilized in variety of workout supplements since it's been found to spice up one’s natural energy levels also as reduce brain fog. In terms of its manhood member boosting capabilities, Carnitine is understood to maximise the body’s innate testosterone production capacity also as enhance one’s manhood member function.


Catuaba Bark


Catuaba bark may be a herbal extract that's used widely across Asia and South America to heighten male arousal also as maximize one’s libido and driven desire. Not only that, but some recent studies have also shown that this natural derivative are often wont to address tons of symptoms that are commonly observed in reference to male erecticle dysfunction (ED).


Pumpkin Seed


As many of our readers could also be cognizant of, pumpkin seeds are excellent aphrodisiacs that come loaded with generous doses of the many natural performance stimulants like zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids. Not only that, but the seeds also help bolster the operational capacity of the prostate while allowing immense stress relief and relaxation.


Maca Root


The root of the maca plant has been used for hundreds of years by many South American tribes for a man’s dipstick optimization purposes. during this regard, it bears mentioning that an entire host of scientific literature suggests that Maca is a superb treatment route of infertility, low sperm count, etc.


Some of the opposite core ingredients that make Semenax so effective include vitamin E , Pine Bark Extract, Zinc Aspartate, Hawthorn Berry, Cranberry, wild oat grass Straw, and Sarsaparilla.


How Much Does Semenax Cost?


There are variety of various deals available online in reference to this product.


Current offers include:


A single bottle is out there for $59.95

Three bottles are available for a reduced sum of $154.95

Six bottles are available for $289.98

There are other discount deals also available on larger purchases. Furthermore, free shipping is out there on all orders above $150.


Each purchase comes with a 67-day moneyback guarantee just in case users aren't satisfied with the results obtained through the utilization of the merchandise . Payments are often made via a number of safe and secure avenues like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa. Etc.

Most male enhancement products available over the counter are designed to combat male erecticle dysfunction . While these products are essential for men who have impotence, what about men who want to enhance performance while having sex and therefore the end of sex? in any case , no man wants to possess great sex only to possess a weak finish.


Finally, there’s a product designed precisely to realize results. It’s called Semenax, and it's considered the foremost effective supplement to extend climax intensity and increase semen volume.


Semenax – the sole Supplement For Intense Climaxing

Semenax is an all-natural supplement designed for men who want to end strong and have an ultimate mind-blowing climax. it's intended to form climaxing more pleasurable and intense than ever before. It also delivers essential nutrients to the male genital system to make massive amounts of semen to supply huge, massive finishing loads when climaxing.


Simply put – Semenax is formed for finishing sort of a porn star. You’ll likely climax so hard that you’ll instantly want to travel again. It’s that powerful.


So what exactly does Semenax do?

Semenax feeds the male genital system to extend semen production. Your body’s semen production depends on essential vitamins & minerals. Semenax is clinically tested and contains the essential minerals needed for your prostate and seminal vesicles to supply semen. As a result, you’ll quickly find that Semenax can assist you shoot massive, thick loads like never before.


Semenax boosts testosterone levels to reinforce sexual function & performance: Testosterone is that the male steroid hormone that affects your libido and your ability to urge and maintain an erection. Countless studies have shown that low testosterone can cause low libido, poor performance during sex – which may cause male erecticle dysfunction or cause you to be unable to end during sex. Semenax naturally supports the assembly and release of testosterone to combat impotence and to assist a healthy libido.


Semenax uses natural aphrodisiacs to extend sexual appetite and make sex more pleasurable: Semenax uses potent herbal compounds clinically studied and proven to spice up male sexual drive. These aphrodisiacs get you within the mood to possess sex and release pleasure chemicals within the brain that make sex more enjoyable. These aphrodisiacs are what make sex more passionate and intense.


Who Is Semenax Right For?

While Semenax does support blood flow to enhance erection quality, it's not intended as a supplement to treat male erecticle dysfunction .


Instead, Semenax may be a supplement made for men who want to end stronger and increase their semen volume. It’s best fitted to men who desire their climaxes have lost a number of the strength or aren’t what they need them to be. It’s also the perfect supplement for men who wish to extend the dimensions of their loads.


How Semenax Increases Load Size

Several factors play a task within the size of a man’s load. Diet, lifestyle choices, and hormone levels all play a big think about influencing what proportion semen is produced.


Semenax works to feed the male genital system with the essential nutrients required for the prostate and seminal vesicles to efficiently produce more semen. It also supports healthy testosterone production, which signals for the body to make more semen.


Best of all, Semenax is clinically proven to extend load size. during a double-blind procedure conducted by Dr. Anuradha Kulkami, “Semenax showed a big increase in orgasm intensity in men and was ready to improve significantly:


Seminal vesicle fluids that makeup 70% of your load

Prostate gland fluid that forms 25% of your load

Seminal plasma – the juice that holds your load

Bulbourethral gland fluid that creates loads thicker

Researchers noted that load size increased by a mean of 20% or greater. Many men saw a fantastic increase in load size of over 50%. The placebo group saw no noticeable change, further affirming that Semenax can truly boost semen volume.


Main Ingredients in Semenax

To understand what makes Semenax such an efficient supplement, you've got to seem at the ingredients. In total, there are 18 different ingredients in Semenax. The potent formula may be a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts designed to extend orgasm intensity and boost semen volume. The recommended dosage is 4 capsules each day , with 120 capsules per container.


Let’s take a glance at a number of the ingredients:


Swedish Pollen Flower: Swedish pollen flower feeds the body with essential nutrients that act as precursors for sexual hormones. It also helps make micronutrients more bioavailable for the male genital system .


Lysine: Lysine is an aminoalkanoic acid that increases sperm production, enhances testosterone secretion, and improves overall semen quality. it's beneficial with zinc, an important mineral for male reproductive health.


Horny Goat Weed: Horny goat weed naturally helps a man’s libido and gets him within the right mood for sexual intercourse . it's going to also boost testosterone production to reinforce performance.


Carnitine: Carnitine is an aminoalkanoic acid that helps create healthy sperm and improves sperm motility. It also features a host of other benefits associated with body composition also .


Butea Superba: Butea may be a popular herb in Thailand wont to enhance blood flow. it's considered a natural aphrodisiac and supports a healthy appetite for sexual intercourse .


L-Arginine HCL: L-Arginine HCL supplement supports healthy blood flow by increasing gas levels. Studies have also found arginine-HCL can almost double sperm and semen volume in some men. Other studies have found it's going to improve fertility even in men with low sperm count or poor sperm motility.


Other ingredients in Semenax include maca root, pine bark, vitamin E, cranberry extract, Tribulus, and epimedium leaf extract.


Every single ingredient in Semenax plays an important role in concupiscence , performance, and pleasure, which is why Semenax is one among the few genuinely complete male enhancement products on the market.


Is Semenax a secure Product? Are There Side Effects?

Unlike prescribed drugs like Viagra and Cialis, natural male enhancement products are typically made to reinforce sexual functions without the danger of severe side effects.


Semenax was formulated by a team of nutritionists and doctors that understand the male genital system . Both the individual ingredients and every ingredient’s dosage got careful consideration, which is how Semenax became the foremost potent male enhancement product to reinforce climax intensity and semen volume.


This careful formulation process also makes Semenax a secure product. There are zero common side effects to taking Semenax, nor have there been any reports of adverse health effects. Plus, Semenax is tolerated incredibly well, so even common side effects like headache and nausea are virtually non-existent.


The manufacturer – vanguard Health, also sources its’ products directly from locations where they naturally occur. This ensures the simplest quality raw materials enter each tablet of Semenax to travel along side thorough testing during the manufacturing process. This creates the foremost potent supplement made up of only purity-tested ingredients – further affirming the security of Semenax. The raw materials utilized in Semenax are produced during a cGMP compliant facility for purity before production, following strict guidelines.


How to Buy Semenax

Semenax is out there through various online retailers, but the simplest and most affordable thanks to purchase it's through the official website. There you’ll see a couple of packages to settle on from, counting on your budget and wishes . Larger packages accompany steep discounts and offer free global shipping for select packages – with a full year supply saving you $320!


1-Month Supply: $59.95/ Monthly Subscription Plan Available for $45.95 per Month

3-Month Supply: $154.95/ Free Shipping

6-Month Supply: $289.95/ Free Shipping

12-Month Supply: $399.95/ Free Shipping

No matter which package you buy , you’ll receive the complete guarantee from vanguard Health. A 67-day money-back guarantee backs every order of Semenax. If for any reason you're not satisfied with Semenax, return your bottles, and you’ll receive a full refund for your entire order – no questions asked! To contact the corporate , consumers can email or call 7 days every week , 6 am to 10 pm Pacific Time;


North America: 866-621-6884

International: 604-677-3533

Semenax Testimonials


Still don’t believe that Semenax can increase semen volume and enhance performance? See what real, verified customers need to say:


“I originally bought Semenax to enhance semen volume, which it's hopefully. I’ve taken more supplements than I can calculate to assist me thereupon issue. But at 53 years old, i used to be also having issues with actual desire. Semenax has improved my libido, which I wasn’t expecting. i'm also on T replacement, and Semenax has improved my desire such a lot that I don’t even got to take my T shots anymore. I even have enough desire to satisfy my girlfriend AND caught the eye of my ex too. Probably TMI, but it's lived up to my expectations.”


James A.


‘I’ve been taking Semenax for over a touch over 60 days now. I saw your ads and decided that this is often exactly what I needed. My orgasms haven't been as intense as they wont to be, and my semen volume has decreased. I even have to inform you that these things works sort of a charm! My orgasms are far more intense, and therefore the increase in semen volume has quite doubled! these things really works!” – Neil W.


“I’ve been using SEMENAX for about 2 months already and have noticed a difference in my loads, they’ve become thicker, and my orgasm intensity had definitely become more noticeable. I heard of the good results and reviews for multiple sites and decided I wanted more output of my drive and orgasms.”


Bryan M.




Semenax may be a compelling male enhancement product for men seeking intense orgasms, mind-blowing sex, and large loads to end with. Without a doubt, it's the simplest supplement for increasing semen volume and has an undeniable reputation for delivering real fast results.


If you’re a man that desires larger, more powerful loads and luxuriate in the foremost intense orgasms of your life, then you would like to go over to the official website and order Semenax today.