The French Alliance against tobacco (Alliance contre le tabac) brings together 25 NGOs &organisations and aims in particular to inform the? public about the consequences of smoking and the measures designed to fight it in order to organise smoke free and the emergence of tobacco-free generations in France.To get more news about Hitaste P8, you can visit official website.
The consumption of tobacco products is the leading cause of preventable deaths in France. It kills 73,000 people per year, or 200 people per day.
In accordance with the obligations of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), signed and ratified by France1, all tobacco control strategies must be studied in the light of health, behavioural, economic and social aspects in order to:
Reduce the supply and attractiveness of tobacco products,
Normalize their use in society,
Prevent initiation among young people,
Promote cessation among smokers.
Heated tobacco, commonly referred to as “heat not burn” (abbreviated as “HNB”), and related products, are tobacco products2 promoted by tobacco companies. One of the leaders said that “these products will supplant the classic cigarette in a few decades! 3 ?.
?The goals of major tobacco company’s for placing on the market heated tobacco, appear to be the re normalization of tobacco and financial benefits and not the treatment of consumers tobacco dependence or the promotion of the end of tobacco.