PU coated fabrics can be divided into polyurethane leather and imitated suede leather. Polyurethane imitation leather and suede leather have the advantages of thin coating, lightweight, excellent wear resistance and friction resistance, good elasticity, good adhesion, good washing resistance, good hand feeling, high strength, good waterproof performance, etc. . The thin microporous film on the surface of the fabric has good breathability and moisture permeability.

These two kinds of PU coated fabrics are widely used in clothing. In the autumn and winter clothing market, garments made from these two fabrics or inlaid fabrics occupy a large proportion.

The PU coated fabric is composed of a base fabric and a microporous structured polyurethane surface layer. Synthetic leather with fabric as the base fabric is made of cotton or nylon fabric as the base fabric. The fabric types are divided into woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitted raised fabrics, etc., coated with corresponding thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers.

Its wearing properties such as strength, light resistance, abrasion resistance, water permeability, wearing comfort, etc. are better than polyvinyl chloride artificial leather. Its appearance and performance are close to natural imitation leather. It has excellent oil and chemical resistance, easy to wash, and easy to sew. 

Imitation suede leather is also called artificial suede or imitation suede. The artificial suede used in clothing must have a fine and uniform suede appearance but also have soft, breathable and durable properties.

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