1. Handle with care: When moving the bathroom cabinet, you should lift it gently, don't drag it hard; when placing it, place it flat and steady. If the floor is uneven, padded the feet firmly to prevent damage to the cabinet eye structure.

2. Sun protection: The bathroom cabinet should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be placed in an excessively dry place to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming.

3. Cleaning: To clean the bathroom cabinet, it can be diluted with a general detergent, moistened with a soft cloth, and then gently wipe the dirty place along the wood grain.

4. Water stains: If the bathroom cabinet has water stains accidentally, cover the marks with a wet cloth, and then press the wet cloth with an ironing head carefully several times, the marks will disappear.

5. Scuffing: The paint surface of the bathroom cabinet is scratched, and the wood under the lacquer is not touched. Use crayons or paints of the same color as the cabinet to paint on the wound surface of the cabinet, covering the exposed background color, and then thin with transparent nail polish. Just apply a thin layer.

6. Frequently use a soft cloth along the texture of the wood to remove dust from the bathroom cabinet: Before removing the dust, put some detergent on the soft cloth. Do not wipe with a dry cloth to avoid scratches. The bathroom cabinet is in a dry environment. When in use, it is necessary to adopt artificial humidification measures, such as regularly wiping the bathroom cabinet with a soft cloth soaked in water.

7. Maintenance of bathroom cabinet glass countertops: When in use, do not be scratched by sharp or hard objects, and clean the colored countertops with a neutral detergent.

8. Maintenance of wooden countertops of bathroom cabinets: When in use, do not touch or scratch with hard objects, and wipe lightly with a soft cotton cloth and some furniture cleaners.

9. Maintenance of the lens: When the lens of the bathroom cabinet has water stains, clean it with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent.

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