1. Accelerating the start step by step is the most fuel-efficient. In order to save fuel, avoid stepping on the accelerator again when starting. If you step on the gas pedal again, the fuel consumption will increase by 2 to 3 times compared to the normal speed. And in fact, the time difference between the two starting methods of stepping on the accelerator and gradually accelerating to reach the speed of 60 kilometers per hour is less than 10 to 20 seconds.

2. Keep your distance and don't step on the brakes frequently to save more gasoline. If you don't keep the distance between cars, you can easily break on the road. As soon as the brakes are applied, the dump truck's gear is dropped, and the truck has to be pulled up from the low gear, and the engine will eat more gas.

3. Driving method is very important. We all know that the distance between two points is the shortest on a straight line. If you change lanes frequently, the driving distance will be longer, will consume a little more gasoline, and change lanes frequently. In order to overtake, you must step on the accelerator again, and fuel consumption will naturally increase.

4. The speed cannot be too high, too high will consume gas. In addition to safety, the speed limit on most expressways in China is now 120. The higher the speed, the greater the fuel consumption. The resistance and speed of a car are squared, not proportional. The higher the speed, the greater the wind resistance and the greater the driving resistance.

5. Vehicle deviation is also one of the main reasons for fuel consumption. Unbalanced four wheels will cause the engine to eat more power.

6. If the air consumption increases suddenly, it is mostly caused by air leakage due to loose joints or weak seals, and inspections should be carried out at the professional maintenance site in time to prevent air leakage from causing more accidents.

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