The motors used in the motor system are divided into DC tubular motors and AC tubular motors. The DC tubular motor is powered by a transformer (12-24V), the driving power is small, the curtain that can load is smaller and lighter, and its control circuit is more complicated. It is mainly used in small windows such as study rooms, children's rooms, and activity rooms in family residences. The AC tubular motor has simple control circuit, large driving power, and can load heavier curtains; it is widely used in hotels, hotel lobbies, high-end clubs, office buildings, offices, exhibition halls and other large-scale places such as floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of electric lifting curtains: small installation gap, excellent shading effect; smooth system operation, fast speed, low noise; flexible control methods: external radio remote control, infrared remote control, manual control and intelligent control can be group controlled ; Various styles, set the characteristics of simplicity, fashion, freshness, etc.; with the advantages of shading, heat insulation, dustproof, ventilation, comfort, and coolness, it achieves the perfect combination of warmth and fashion!

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