I'm very excited with this update. I simply don't like that our levels will be reset. For somebody who just started this year with NA, like me, it actually hinders my desire to keep improving my personality in the edition of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta we have now. I don't mind leveling a new character and whatnot, but when we are keeping weapons and components we really need to learn how they will be carried over. I'd love to have a few good sets of equipment to use in the start but it would be... unfortunate should they nerfed a 13 star weapon into a three star or something comparable. I really could see a 13 dropping to a 12 or 11, possibly even 10 celebrity with valid reasoning and sufficient new equipment to find. However, more than this would be absurd. And if affixes aren't taken over it puts a hamper on attempting to affix things to be great equipment.

I wouldn't be at all surprised when they took away lots of the grind and other updates players have put in their equipment so that veterans have less of an advantage over new players. They might also make completely new abilities that produce the transfer equipment less relevant. Difficult to say. They did say that we might not fulfill the requirements of their transport gear for some time after beginning NGS, so clearly it won't move over as level 1 gear. I really don't think we should put our expectations too high however. I will assume transfer gear will either be mid-game equipment or need a ton of updates to be end-game gear unless they state otherwise.

It was stated that weapons may have different appearances and abilities, and might be over your level/ability to use initially. Components aren't likely to have any makeup, but nevertheless have stats, not the same though.

Holy shit so they released the NA version for a quick cash grab before throwing this in everyone's faces. Does all of our characters customization carry over like hair, outfits got via ac, mission pass etc? I paid $60 with this shit and now there is no more content. I literally wasted all my time playing this game." .

The answer is probably no, since this would be fucking dumb. Why is it , where you have a choice of if you want to pay cash, you suddenly have issues? It is not like they're taking money for a presentation or some thing with essentially no content. We are still getting updates. There is still plenty more game to playwith. They're doing this way because SEGA is afraid of PSO2 Meseta for sale jp whales rioting.