What a bunch of punks. Does all our characters personalization carry over like hair, outfits earned through ac, mission pass etc? I paid $60 with this shit and now there's no longer content. I wasted all of meseta pso2 my time playing this game." .

The solution is most likely no, because this would be fucking stupid. So why is it , where you have a choice of whether you want to pay money, you suddenly have issues? It is not like they are taking money for a presentation or something with basically no content. We're still getting updates. There is still plenty more game to playwith. They're doing this way because SEGA is afraid of jp whales rioting.

This... doesn't excite me as much anymore. I really don't know what I'm really discussing to New Genesis. My personality model? Why do the weapons issue if I must start at lvl 1 again since progression doesn't carry over? I will not have the ability to use them. And above all, what about makeup? If those cosmetics do not carry over... I am pretty much going to feel just like the very first season of NA is just a scam. We don't know that yet, which is the reason why I need clarity. I honestly won't care about beginning as a lvl 1 minute again if I keep all my makeup.

The video does say that registered cosmetics are being carried over. The only real question left is on how it's vague with outfits and outwear. Base wear and interior wear are registered makeup, but outerwear and outfits are not enrolled to a personality. Yep. That's my comprehension of it too (though it's a bit of speculation because they just especially mention emotes), and in which the difficulty comes from. Outerwear, outfits, and weapon skins aren't registered. It'd be great if we could get clarification about can you buy meseta on pso2 this... Sorry if this question been ask, but what do pets count as? Can they count the same as a mag? Can they take over? Sorry if this question been inquire, but what do animals count as? Do they count the same as a mag? Will they carry over?