Generally, common coated fabrics include pvc coated fabric, pu coated fabric, pa coated fabric, and flame retardant coated fabric. Oxford cloth with different coatings also has different uses. Choose different types of coatings according to the desired function. , You can also add a waterproof coating, and the waterproof coating also has a different resistance to water pressure.

PVC-coated Oxford cloth has excellent mildew resistance, obvious waterproof, non-flammable, strong tensile force, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. PVC has a strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids, and it has a wide range of uses.

PU-coated Oxford cloth, that is, polyurethane coating, the fabric feels plump, elastic and has a filmy surface after coating. PU white glue coating, that is, coating a layer of white polyurethane resin on the surface of the fabric, the effect is basically the same as PA white glue, but after PU white glue coating, the hand feels plumper, the fabric is more elastic, and the fastness is better; PU silver glue coating, The basic function is the same as PA silver glue coating. However, PU silver-coated fabrics have better elasticity and better fastness.

PA coating also called AC glue coating, or acrylic coating is the most common and common coating at present. After coating, it can increase the hand feeling, windproof and drape.

Flame-retardant coated Oxford cloth, through padding or coating the fabric, makes the fabric have a flame-retardant effect. It can be painted in color or silver on the surface of the fabric. Generally used as car decorations, curtains, tents, clothing, etc.

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