An Impostor from Among Us takes a vacation from the distance murder mystery to Cheap Animal Crossing Items sign up for an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island on this fan crossover.

An Impostor from Among Us made their manner into Animal Crossing: New Horizons via a hysterical crossover video. This isn’t the first time the 2 games have crossed over, as current fan art portrayed Among Us crewmates as Animal Crossing characters, specifically the latter’s Tom Nook and Isabelle being without difficulty identifiable in an Among Us environment.

Speculation has added about the conundrum of in which Impostors in Among Us originate, bringing both levity and credibility to the concept the vicious murderers can pop up in Animal Crossing Items other games. This equal speculation also begs the query as to whether or not Among Us may be performed with out a Impostors gift, assuming their absence indicates their invasion of some other name. Even Halo has been a featured crossover with the interactive homicide thriller.