Adult doll maker WM DOLL has launched an adult doll that incorporates AI. Not only does it have an attractive appearance, but it can also have a simple conversation with the owner. The eyes and mouth will also have corresponding movements, and the head, hands and feet can move freely like a robot.

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Artificial intelligence technology is gradually integrated into all aspects of life. Artificial intelligence is still very basic. It can answer simple questions and make expressions with its eyes and mouth, but it can't hold longer conversations. When the doll receives an order, it will give expressions and responses, look up the words or information used, and inquire about various news or weather.

WM doll is the world's most famous sex doll brand. It comes from the largest sex doll manufacturer jinsan. It's based in Guangdong, China. WM doll is the earliest established sex doll brand. It almost covers all kinds of sex dolls. WM doll is always customers' favorite. It's well-known for its exceptional quality and detail.

WM's sex dolls are made from premium TPE and silicone material. Both are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Their high quality sex doll are soft and authentic, many people like their TPE love dolls.

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